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How to extract and compress spoken audio from video or audio files using
Microsoft’s Expression Encoder 4

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Microsoft’s Expression Encoder 4 yields top quality voice encoding, yet output file size is greatly reduced.


Microsoft’s Expression Encoder 4 can be downloaded for free from Microsoft. If the following link does not work, do a search at Microsoft’s website:


Install Microsoft’s Expression Encoder 4


Before you proceed, safeguard an extra copy of the original video or audio file that you want to encode.


Load the file from which you want to extract and compress (encode) the audio: Toolbar > File > Import... 


                                   Express Encoder 4 - Toolbar

Figure 1 — Toolbar



Settings panel located on the right-hand side of your screen:

Express Encoder 4 - Settings Panel

Figure 2 — Settings Panel (partial view)


Use the following settings:


In the Encode menu (Encode tab)

       Uncheck the Video checkbox

       Check the Audio check box, and in this line’s drop-down menu select WMA Voice

       In the Output menu (Output tab) > Job Output > Directory; select where you want to place the extracted and encoded audio file


Encode the file: Toolbar > File > Encode



NOTE: If you mistakenly delete tabs, you can get them back with the toolbar’s Window menu.


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