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Secure Data Transmission

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Two excellent choices for transmitting confidential data over the Internet:


VeraCrypt; a freeware product

In our opinion, the best encryption software ever to this date of writing (October 4, 2016)

Open Source Software and Cyber Defense — A White Paper provided to the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council as input to the White House Review of Communications and Information Infrastructure.


PKWARE (PKZIP); a commercial product







Password strength is a function of password length, complexity and the sets of symbols that make up the password.


The best approach for long passwords is the use of a paraphrase. Here is an example of a paraphrase. It contains 43 symbols (characters) and makes use of 4 sets of symbols, yet it is fairly easy to remember:




43 symbols out of 4 sets of symbols totalling 94 different symbols (lower-case and upper-case Latin letters, digits and special symbols); in other words, 9443 possible combinations. The time required to decode this password is 2.22 X 1071 years — at a rate of 1 million passwords per second.  







"While the quantum Grover's algorithm does speed up attacks against symmetric ciphers, doubling the key size can effectively block these attacks" —Post-quantum cryptography.


Current advances in password cracking: Project RC5