Statue to Liberty — the famous Victory — erected on the island of Samothrace


Statue to Liberty — the famous Victory — was erected on the island of Samothrace,
possibly to commemorate a naval victory by the Greeks against foes who would enslave them.


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In Canada and the so-called Free World, democracy is the very last thing that politicians, those who finance their political campaigns, their political appointees, and government employees want to see.


Reduce your fiscal burden by at least 50%
and solve the problems that, in your opinion, should be solved.




The word ‘democracy’ originates from the Greek: δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people", which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (kratos) "power", circa 400 BC, to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably Athens.


Today we have the opposite; the people serving an elitist class by means of the aberrant taxes that the people pays to this elitist class; politicians and the public sector, who dictate to the people what to think and do.


Beauty, honour and courage are replaced by ugliness, dishonour and cowardice.




Election of politicians and their stay in power

 In a democracy, politicians are elected, but also removed from office upon the will of its citizens.


For all practical purposes, the current system of electing politicians for a 4 to 5-year term in office enables them to do whatever they please, and get away with it.


We have a wired country, don’t we? So why not use it?


A voting system via the Internet — and the telephone system if necessary — would enable citizens to vote, on an ongoing basis, on the stay in power of any politician, and; should a politician receive less than 50% of votes for three consecutive months, he/she would be dismissed automatically. Hence, on major issues, politicians would have to submit their views to citizens for approval before putting them into law.


A majority of people will always take common sense decisions, provided that free speech exists in our society.


Why not try a real democracy for a short period of time, say for three years, with option to go back to the current system once every six months?




Senators and political appointees

Should the purpose of senators be for citizens to fill up their pockets with taxpayers’ money disguised as their paychecks and gold plated pensions?


If senators do not want to be in the senate for the honor of serving their country and citizens, what do we need them for?  I have no objection to paying them their expenses justifiable as a result of their function, but most certainly would not pay them a salary.  




A democracy cannot survive if its structure can be influenced by corruption

The following view point and method may seem extremist at first glance, but if the people concerned by it really are people of integrity, why would they object?


To clean up our governments, an effective solution would be to form an organization of which the mandate would be to test the integrity of politicians and government employees, in the same spirit of thought as the Abscam trial that took place in the United States in 1980.


To all government employees (judges, politicians, bureaucrats, etc.) it would be reminded, once a month, of the ongoing test of those who receive a government pay check and the consequence of accepting bribes.  Example: “Do not accept bribes. Anyone found guilty of accepting a bribe, or its equivalent of more than $10, will be sentenced to 10 years in jail, without any possibility, whatsoever, of conditional release; if you are not certain if what you are being offered constitutes a bribe, talk to your boss about it”


If there would be anyone amongst them who would not like the idea of being sent to jail for ten years for taking a $10 bribe, all they would need do is not accept bribes. Does it have to be complicated? If such a system would be implemented, you’d see rats exiting our governments like you never thought possible. 




Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy.  The contents of free speech are never politically correct.  Free speech as such does not exist in Canada; for in Canada and other countries of the so-called Free World you can say anything you want, provided that what you say is politically correct — in agreement with the twisted and delusional ideologies of politicians in power.


Is it not destroying us all, political correctness imposed upon us and our children by idealists and pseudo-intellectuals (politicians and their political appointees and some special interest groups)?  Why not get rid of those who want to impose their ideologies upon us and our children? 


Currently, the news media are free to print whatever they want, without those whom they comment about having a real opportunity to effectively contest what is being said about them. What if the news media would be obliged, by law, to provide equal or double text space or air time to those whom they commented about, without any possibility to edit or alter the replies of those whom they commented about? Would such a law curtail the freedom of speech of the news media?




Taxpayers’ money

Any reason why our governments cannot be managed like corporations?

Fed up of seeing your hard earned money distributed to special interest groups, or squandered on whatever stupidities or delusions that politicians and their friends fancy?  Income tax forms could easily contain a section specifically for donations to nonessential services and special interest groups. 


Example: Say you’d think that a special interest group is under funded, you could opt for a donation of, say $1,000, specifically for funding it.  If you would not like the idea of seeing your hard earned money go to this or that organization or special interest group, you would simply not give them anything.  In other words, with a democratic system, you would have the option of paying taxes on the bare essentials, or paying taxes on the bare essentials and whichever cause(s) you'd think should get your hard earned money.




Problem resolution

International Programme on the State of the Ocean. “If the ocean goes down, it’s game over“ —Dr. Alex Rogers


If we would live in a democracy, we would be able to solve such problems as unemployment, homelessness, poverty, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, the wars that we will have to face up to in the coming years, to name only a few.  Moreover, our fiscal burden would be reduced by at least 50%.


 — Daniel Guibord




Erich Fromm — Democracy and Liberty (French text)


Poem by Paul Éluard


Liberty Leading the People


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” — John F. Kennedy




This Web page to democracy was maintained in place by the following people while I was imprisoned in inhuman conditions of incarceration, for having fought for liberty, justice and democracy:

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